three beautiful things

i'm in head over heals with my new diary. by the end of the year, i was thinking about getting the frankie magazine journal for 2014, but it wouldn't arrive in time for the new year. with that in mind, i went to brixton market with the hope to find something similar. luckily, i did found!

photos by shaz madani

seize the day: a dateless diary is simple and beautiful. sophia augusta illustrated different events across the world, from brazil to china. i love how every page has four days of the month. i'm not a journal kind of person, i like to write just the essential: birthdays, appointments and uni stuff.

i've got my eyes in this beautiful necklace by datter, made of silver and beautifully detailed all by hand. also, all the fabric baskets by bookhou are dreamy. both of these items are at the top of my wishlist.