a day in the life

a month ago we went to liverpool for the weekend. these pictures are from very typical autumn day. there are such different colour ranges in every tree, i never thought autumn could be so bright. i love the cloudy days that have everything to seem grim, but actually, they are just as nice as a sunny day. i always thought that clouds create a beautiful natural filter, every picture has the perfect tone when taken in a cloudy day. 

since it was only my second time in town, we went to see some well known sights for any beatles' fan (which means everyone on earth, perhaps?). we went for a stroll in calderstones park and the view was stunning. i just love autumn so much. the strawberry fields are everything but fields, but i wasn't expecting much more than the gates to be honest. it is quite endearing that they have a plate with the story of strawberry fields and the contact of the people who restored the gate. so, if you want your house to emanate the beatles, here is your chance.

the japanese garden at calderstones park is like a dream. so perfectly structured and incredibly colourful! i want to check it in summertime, but i reckon it doesn't get any better than this. 

69a is an antique shop in liverpool that is around since the 70s. located in renshaw street, it is definitely a not-to-be-missed spot and it contents vary from clothes to decoration objects, books and jewelry. be aware that you can easily spend hours there, browsing all the little things that you may come across. it is beautiful.

i can't wait for christmas time so i can be back to liverpool, i just love this town.


brighton in december

well, it has been a while since i've last blogged in my life. i think the last time i did, i was being a completely maniac-depressive and i was talking about the emptiness of the world. or maybe how deep the conscious and sub-conscious of humanity can really be and other subjects that would probably make nietzsche and proust turn over in their graves. to summarize: it is never easy to write a first post.

anyway, almost one year ago, two of my closest friends came to spend christmas and new year's eve here in london. it was a magical time and i felt like if the time could have stopped forever (it wouldn't have bothered me at all if it actually had stopped). also, we went to brighton in the last week of december and as the pictures show, it was very, very windy. sometimes, the most memorable days are the ones where you don't expect much, you just go and do stuff without any concerns.